Ujima Company, Inc. serves to advance the interest and exposure of the performing arts as created and interpreted by African-Americans, by providing working opportunities for established artists and training experiences for student artist. Ujima company, Inc. is the only professional theatre company in all of Western New York dedicated to the development and presentation of African-American and other Third World artists. Of all the theatre companies in Buffalo, Ujima supports the longest standing acting ensemble. Ujima is among the most heralded and awarded arts organizations in the region, and was the first theatre company to receive the Outstanding Arts Organization award given by the Greater Buffalo Chamber of Commerce and the Arts Council in Buffalo and Erie County.

Art Forms:


My Voice/ My Life

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My Voice/My Life is a collage of the “voices” of four artists, responding to, reporting on, and reflecting current events and the “world” in which they live. The artists’ “voices” incorporate acting, dancing, drumming, poetry, and singing as means of communication. The term “voice” is often misunderstood but frequently used by artists in all disciplines. The original piece presented by the artists will assist in giving insight to the students on the importance of understanding the voice.


Students will experience exemplary works of art in various forms that represent the artists’ ability to express and connect her/his life experiences to the realities of the world in which she/he lives.


Students will understand how one’s “voice” is influenced by “personal and cultural forces” and in turn influences the culture in which one lives.


Workshop: The workshops will consist of activities that guide the student in finding his/her voice and using that voice to capture the attention of an audience. Students will have the opportunity to explore subjects of their choosing through the drum, dance, singing, and acting. The artist will also suggest activities to be carried out by the classroom teacher in preparation for the next workshop.

Performance They will be encouraged to create a personal piece but it is the process, not the product, which is most important. The performance will, in turn, exhibit a combination of the knowledge obtained and the work put forth to create her/his piece.


Students will connect their experience(s) during this program to other life experiences and/or classroom curriculum by merging knowledge of the art forms presented and their own creativity to help bring her/his educational and/or artistic journey full circle.
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