This is a new APL partner for the 2016-17 school year. Updated details about programming are coming soon.

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The Art of Science

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Rekindle your students’ natural curiosity for learning with a hands-on, student-based art, science and literary program customized to meet your curriculum needs. A Tifft Nature Preserve Educator will guide your class through cross-curricular nature journaling activities in the classroom, schoolyard, and within our 264 acre Nature Preserve and Visitor Center Classrooms. The program includes at least two school outreach workshops (45-60 minutes each), in addition to a possible field trip workshop (2.5 - 3 hours each) to Tifft Nature Preserve’s unique and accessible facilities.

The Art of Science in Your Hands - Outreach Workshop will incorporate a sensory exploration of natural, place-based biofacts brought into the classroom (example: animal and plant specimens). Students will become detectives by actively using sight, hearing, smell, and touch to investigate, make conclusions, and collectively communicate science concepts of adaptations, food webs, and biodiversity (additional concepts can be requested). This introductory workshop serves to heighten students’ senses and awareness for our WNY natural surroundings while making hands-on connections to textbook concepts.

The Art of Science in the Wild - Field Trip will provide students a hands-on, minds-on exploration of Western New York’s real, living, and environmentally significant natural heritage. Tifft Educators will guide students through diverse natural habitats of the 264 acre natural area while bringing customized science concepts to life through interactive and sensory experiences. Tifft’s underlying industrial heritage, evidence of human impact, and local connections to Buffalo’s history will also be introduced. During this Workshop students will be divided in smaller groups and rotate through three stations: 1.) a guided trail walk through the Preserve, 2.) an indoor introduction to nature journaling, 3.) a student- driven nature journaling activity outside (or indoors, weather pending). Biofacts will be incorporated into a series of nature journaling visual art activities utilizing observational and focusing exercises, drawing and painting skills, hand - eye coordination, shape, form, texture, color blending, and literary skills. The historical, scientific, and personal significance of nature journaling art and writing will also be interpreted.

The Art of Science in the Schoolyard - Outreach Workshop will include a customized assessment of the schoolyard habitat (no matter how small) and guided nature journaling activities implementing this outdoor space including observing, measuring, sketching, painting, writing, and investigating environmental conservation and human impact. Students will be encouraged to continue the journaling process in their backyard, local park, or schoolyard and become in-tune with ever-changing seasonal patterns of animal and plant interactions (phenology). The classroom teacher will be provided instructions on how to implement and expand upon these nature journaling activities with their students throughout the school year. (This workshop can be administered in the classroom if adverse weather conditions occur).

The Art of Science for Teachers - Professional Development Outreach/ Field Trip Workshop (Optional) is for classroom teachers and faculty with an interest in implementing nature journaling in the school and schoolyard. Participants will gain an in-depth, customized introduction to the significance, cross-curricular benefits, and practical use of nature journaling. Adult participants will gain understanding and confidence in sharing their advanced skills with students to support their curriculum needs throughout the school-year.

Pricing varies per residency. Please call the APL office for details, (716) 881-0917.

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