Students will learn and be able to identify the seven simple machines. Participants will also learn and understand the concepts of work and force. This interactive workshop provides students with practical experience working with simple and compound machines. The program includes a museum tour in which students will also tour the museum to see how… Read more »

Connect science with artistic exploration and imagine students working side by side at your school with a museum educator on a unique visual art project incorporating the science of color theory, capi

This program is an inquiry-based, cross-curricular program primarily for 4-6 grade students designed to teach many of the science concepts and skills appearing on the New York State standardized scien

A school visit to Explore & More is scheduled for 1-1/2 hours. S
chool-age students will receive a take-home passport, and experience the focused activity chosen by their teacher and related to one of

States of Matter is an hour-long presentation combining discussion and demonstration. It starts with a dialogue on what stuff is made of, and an activity constructing molecules from atoms. This is fol

Think like a bird! What would your nest look like? Featherbeds is designed to allow children to learn about birds while thinking like birds. They will think about why birds make nests, what makes a go