The Architecture is Art program introduces students to Frank Lloyd Wright and the Darwin Martin House in Buffalo, NY. ┬áThe programs are both in-class and on-site at the Martin House and will engage students in cross curricular activities that include engineering, history, art and math. ┬áThe program will culminate with the Junior Docent program, where… Read more »

In this workshop students will gain the necessary tools for thinking critically about media messages. They will view and engage in a guided discussion about a series of short videos and clips in order

This program will focus on the basic elements of theatre and understanding Shakespeare’ s text within the context of history. This program will be in a
Customizable format allowing schools to use th

This program is an inquiry-based, cross-curricular program primarily for 4-6 grade students designed to teach many of the science concepts and skills appearing on the New York State standardized scien

States of Matter is an hour-long presentation combining discussion and demonstration. It starts with a dialogue on what stuff is made of, and an activity constructing molecules from atoms. This is fol

Think like a bird! What would your nest look like? Featherbeds is designed to allow children to learn about birds while thinking like birds. They will think about why birds make nests, what makes a go