The Erie Canal influenced the work, life, and culture of Western New York in many ways. This workshop will focus on how the Allan Herschell Carrousel Factory and other local industries benefited and changed with the development of the Erie Canal. Students will tour the museum to learn about the history of carrousel production and… Read more »

The Architecture is Art program introduces students to Frank Lloyd Wright and the Darwin Martin House in Buffalo, NY. ┬áThe programs are both in-class and on-site at the Martin House and will engage students in cross curricular activities that include engineering, history, art and math. ┬áThe program will culminate with the Junior Docent program, where… Read more »

Bring a BPO musician into your classroom and invite your students on a journey to the intersection of imagination, literature and classical music.

Using traditional African drums and percussion instruments including djembes, dunun, kenkeni, sangban, ashiko and steel drums, along with other percussive instruments to introduce, experience, and per

Architecture + Education is an educational program provided by the Buffalo Architecture Foundation. The program teaches NYS core curriculum subjects, such as Math, Science, History, Language Arts, Te

School tours at Buffalo Niagara Heritage Village give students and teachers a rich and immersive experience. Our 19th century village provides an ideal setting for students to see, hear, and touch wha

Explore & More Culture Days start early when our educators come to your school and transform familiar classrooms to represent different countries. If more than one country is involved, then students w

Students and teachers will participate in a one-hour tour of the Buffalo Arts Studio current exhibition and individual artist studios by our gallery curator. Students will have a chance to view, talk

In this 90 minute tour students will learn the history and development of carrousels, including their production process, focusing on the carving, painting, and music aspects. Students will learn abou