Bring a BPO musician into your classroom and invite your students on a journey to the intersection of imagination, literature and classical music.

Using traditional African drums and percussion instruments including djembes, dunun, kenkeni, sangban, ashiko and steel drums, along with other percussive instruments to introduce, experience, and per

In this workshop students will gain the necessary tools for thinking critically about media messages. They will view and engage in a guided discussion about a series of short videos and clips in order

This program will focus on the basic elements of theatre and understanding Shakespeare’ s text within the context of history. This program will be in a
Customizable format allowing schools to use th

This program will focus on the basic elements of theatre and understanding Shakespeare’ s text using the Staircase of Complexity. We will delve into the historical and cultural context in which Willia

The Roycroft Campus was founded by Elbert Hubbard whose main focus was on writing and publishing books. Students will follow in the footsteps of Hubbard creating a variety of book structures, as a way

Students and teachers will participate in a one and a half hour tour of the Roycroft Campus, the birthplace of the American Arts and Crafts Movement. The docent-led tour will consist of historical inf

Express Yourself will be designed to fit the needs of individual classroom teachers. Albright-Knox Education staff will meet with teachers in a planning visit to determine which works of art on view w

Any two of the following three activities may be combined to offer students an introduction to the Book Arts in a two-hour workshop: Letterpress Printing: Students will learn the basics of

A school visit to Explore & More is scheduled for 1-1/2 hours. S
chool-age students will receive a take-home passport, and experience the focused activity chosen by their teacher and related to one of