The Architecture is Art program introduces students to Frank Lloyd Wright and the Darwin Martin House in Buffalo, NY. ┬áThe programs are both in-class and on-site at the Martin House and will engage students in cross curricular activities that include engineering, history, art and math. ┬áThe program will culminate with the Junior Docent program, where… Read more »

The Hull Family Home & Farmstead provides a unique learning experience primarily for students in grades four, five, and seven. It is appropriate for these grades because student learning aligns with

Architecture + Education is an educational program provided by the Buffalo Architecture Foundation. The program teaches NYS core curriculum subjects, such as Math, Science, History, Language Arts, Te

This program is an inquiry-based, cross-curricular program primarily for 4-6 grade students designed to teach many of the science concepts and skills appearing on the New York State standardized scien

A school visit to Explore & More is scheduled for 1-1/2 hours. S
chool-age students will receive a take-home passport, and experience the focused activity chosen by their teacher and related to one of