Squeaky Wheel / Buffalo Media Resources is a grassroots, artist-run, non-profit media arts center founded in 1985 to promote and support film, video, computer, digital, and audio art by media artists and community members. We provide low-cost access to video and film equipment rental, editing suites, workshops, and screenings of independent and avant-garde film and video.

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Digital Arts Production, Digital Storytelling, Media Literacy, Handmade Film making

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How do motion pictures work? To understand the process of stop-frame animation is to uncover the Rosetta stone of all modern media. All ages, professions and practices can benefit from the aesthetic, technical and problem-solving lessons of animating what once was inanimate. This workshop explores the socio-historical roots of animation (Lascaux Caves, Edward Muybridge Photographic Studies) and showcases an array of contemporary artists to uncover the magic of our eyes. The class concludes with a participatory animation demo using our stop-motion animation stations. The completed animation is shared online following the class and can be shared among students. All equipment and materials are provided. Workshop run between 45-60 minutes (depending on your needs) and can take place at your location or Squeaky Wheel’s media art facilities as a field trip. Multiple workshop visits to separate classes at the same location, on the same day can be given a 20% discount.

This workshop is easily modified, as a school-based residency comprised of multiple visits. Each visit runs between 45-60 minutes (depending on your needs) and is billed at the same rate as the workshop. Residencies include the components of the workshop described above but allow time for further development of technical proficiency, creative strategy, and storytelling skills. Residencies can be customized for the students to collaboratively create stop-motion animations on a particular topic or theme.

Pricing varies per residency. Please call the APL office for details, (716) 881-0917.
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