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Theodore Roosevelt remains one of America’s best-known and most recognizable presidents, but how much do you really know about him? This program for grades k-2 introduces students to TR at a lower-elementary relatable level as the inspiration for that standard of childhood, the Teddy Bear.Participatory storytime tells the tale of how an actual event showed Americans the 26th President’s sense of fair play, and inspired a political cartoon and a toy that has been a childhood favorite ever since. In a craft activity, children create a jointed cardstock Teddy bear as a keepsake, and which demonstrates the style of construction of the first Teddy bears.
As a result of the program, students will be able to:
Identify Theodore Roosevelt as one of the past Presidents of the United States.
Develop skills in drawing, coloring, use of scissors, and assembly to create a product.
Understand how an historical event can produce a lasting effect upon society.
Understand how an individual can contribute to the community.
Pricing varies per residency. Please call the APL office for details, (716) 881-0917.