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Theodore Roosevelt remains one of America’s best-known and most recognizable presidents, but how much do you really know about him? This program, recommended for grades 8 and 11, explores Theodore Roosevelt’s presidency, and the political issues of early 20th century America, through period political cartoon analysis and discussion. Political cartoons are far more than just fun and games. They are primary source historical documents that illustrate the opinions of people of the age on the issues of importance to them, and represent efforts of cartoonists to enlighten the public of their age to social ills of the day. Students can not only learn about TR and his time, but also practice dissecting and interpreting political cartoons, and learn about devices such as symbolism and caricature.

As a result of the program, students will:

Learn and practice skills for analyzing and interpreting political cartoons.
Understand and be able to interpret cartooning practices such as symbolism, caricature, and use of captions and labels.
Understand the role of political cartoons as primary source historical documents that teach about the attitudes of people of an era about the issues confronting their society.

Identify major themes of Theodore Roosevelt’s presidency, such as the Square Deal policy, the Big Stick policy, and American imperialism.

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