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For the Birds

For the Birds! is presented as either a 4 or 8 week multi-session program. Students learn about a variety of topics related to nature and the environment. One-hour lessons are taught by Audubon staff and volunteers. A journaling activity, including both art and writing, is connected to each lesson. The program culminates with a field trip. The study of birds and the myriad of colors in the avian world create a perfect bridge for a cross-curricular unit between the arts, language and science. The works of John James Audubon will also be featured.

Curriculum Overview:

The standard 8-week curriculum includes the following topics:

  • Bird Identification
  • Schoolyard Bird Walk
  • Migration
  • Beak Adaptations
Birds of Prey Citizen Science Field Trip
4 week sessions covering the following themes are also available:

  • Junior Birders
  • Habitats
  • Ecology
  • Adaptations
Grade Level:
Audience Limit:
Workshop-30, Field Trip-90