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Bring a BPO musician into your classroom and invite your students on a journey to the intersection of imagination, literature and classical music. Residencies feature an emphasis on standards of artistic excellence, provided by world-class professional musicians and can be designed to meet varied classroom learning objectives and to fit creatively within classroom budgets. All residencies explore arts learning through movement activities, active listening opportunities framed with historical context and offer multiple and varied ways into an understanding of orchestral music through dynamic imagination and, where appropriate, instrumental engagement. Specific music learning objectives, seeded through open-ended questioning and student-led learning, include: instrument families, musical forms, rhythm and melody (meters and tonalities), eras of music writing, active listening, career readiness, music and movement and musical vocabulary. Residencies can be tailored to include attendance at a Buffalo Philharmonic Youth Concert Series event as a focal point for pre and post arts engagement activities, or as the culmination (and celebration) of the residency. Bring the history and tradition of the BPO into your classroom through the dynamism of today’s top professional musicians. Choose Resident Artists from your preferred instrument family and allow the BPO to support your classroom learning goals while opening doors to the imagination through the beauty of Orchestral music.

Pricing varies per residency. Please call the APL office for details, (716) 881-0917.