Buffalo Niagara Heritage Village is an educational institution, chartered by the State of New York, whose Mission is to instill, educate, and cultivate in a public audience an informed appreciation of the American past and its impact on current lifestyles, culture, and historical development of the Buffalo Niagara Region.

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Heritage EDventure

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School tours at Buffalo Niagara Heritage Village give students and teachers a rich and immersive experience. Our 19th century village provides an ideal setting for students to see, hear, and touch what it was like to live long ago. They will also have the opportunity to learn about life on the Erie Canal as well as the daily life of a pioneer.

This is a field trip only program. APL grants do not cover the cost of transportation for schools. Pricing varies per residency. Please call the APL office for details, (716) 881-0917.
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Educational Loan Trunks

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Educational loan trunks are kits that are rented out to teachers based on books students read in class. The trunks contain reproduction artifacts, models, illustrations and other educational materials to help bring the written material to life.

These trunks are a great resource for teachers to help students connect with literature. The objects in the trunks correspond to specific passages in the books and aide students in reading comprehension, as well as vocabulary skills by allowing students to connect words with objects. Being able to see and touch unfamiliar words through the use of objects is a great sensory tool for teachers to use with students.  Students will then be able to connect words with their meaning in a more substantial way.

We currently have seven themed trunks available for rental. The titles include: Treasure in the Little Trunk, Timmy O’Dowd and the Big Ditch, Farmer Boy, The Gold Lace Coat, Journey to Nowhere, Freedom Crossing and Little House in the Big Woods.

Along with the trunks, a cultural specialist will visit the school and conduct a one hour session about 19th century life. The session will cover how children dressed, their chores, and what they did for fun in the 19th century. The session will include historic toys and games, butter churning, and other hands on experiences.

Pricing varies per residency. Please call the APL office for details, (716) 881-0917.

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