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Arts Partners for Learning’s mission is to expand access to arts education for children in the eight counties of WNY, and to improve the capacity of cultural organizations in these counties to provide quality creative learning programs.

What is Arts Partners for Learning (APL)?

APL is a regional partnership that was formed in 2011 with support from the Fund for the Arts, John R. Oishei Foundation, and Young Audiences, Inc. with the vision to create opportunities for arts and cultural organizations and professional artists to work with schools and ultimately improve the educational outcomes for children. Led by a Leadership Team composed of leaders from the arts, cultural, education, and philanthropic sectors of Western New York, APL aims to bring arts and cultural programs to schools that are standards-based and integrated throughout the curriculum.  Now in its eighth year, APL comprises over 20 partners from the arts and cultural community who offer over 30 programs to area schools.  APL hosts professional development events for partners and others seeking best practices from across the country to improve the educational outcomes for students. The map above represents the arts and cultural learning opportunities provided by cultural organizations in the eight counties of Western New York.

Applications for WNY Schools: 2019-2020

Western New York schools are eligible to apply for Arts Partners for Learning Creative Learning Programs. Learn more about how to apply for the 2019-20 school year here. Applicants need to identify their preferred APL programs on the applications. Review program selections on the APL Programs page.


Arts Partners for Learning (APL) currently works with 25 community partners who collectively offer about 50 educational programs to Western New York schools in 8 counties. View current program offerings visiting the APL Programs page.