Arts Partners for Learning contributes numerous educational offerings to Western New Yorkers including:

  • Marketing and promotion of quality arts and cultural education programs provided by professional artists, cultural specialists, and leading organizations;
  • Project management and oversight for in-school and outside of school programs and partnerships;

  • Major grant and contract solicitation, and relationship building to expand the financial commitment to expanding arts integrated programming throughout the region;

  • Consistent, centralized management, documentation, assessment, research, and tracking of services for arts and cultural education providers throughout the eight counties;

  • Professional development for artists and cultural specialists in order to market themselves to educational venues to design, develop, and deliver quality learning experiences;

  • Professional development for educators and human services providers in order to expand their knowledge of curriculum offerings integrating the region’s arts and culture;

  • Support of local arts and cultural service agencies including the Greater Buffalo Cultural Alliance, Arts Councils, and Convention & Visitors Bureaus to strengthen arts and cultural education awareness and programming, and build future audiences.