UB Anderson Gallery’s mission is to provide an adventuresome and accessible environment for all audiences by offering a rich cultural resource to local and regional communities, scholars, the University, and the public at large. The educational mission is achieved by presenting exhibitions and programs in support of the curriculum, by making collections and exhibitions accessible to faculty for teaching and curriculum development, by offering professional development opportunities for K-12 educators, and by providing study and research opportunities. Collaborations are established, maintained, and strengthened between the university, faculty and professional staff, cultural institutions, schools, health care organizations, and the community to enrich our educational programs. UB Anderson Gallery serves as the University’s museum, is home to UB’s Arts Management Masters Program, and is the location for research and maintenance of the permanent collections.

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Art and Archeology-A Cravens Collection Museum Education Outreach Program

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This program is designed to encourage and activate learning in a hands-on and inquiry-based way. The Cravens Collection includes a broad selection of over 1100 objects with various purposes and cultural significance from locations on all continents. Objects from the collection will be selected appropriate for student handling and analysis purposes, and will be specific to classroom curriculum/grade level.

Learning experiences in the classroom setting will include using 3-D prints made from scans of jewelry molds selected from the Cravens collection that will be handled, analyzed, and drawn by students. They will use air drying clay to make impressions from the 3-D jewelry mold print and will then create “Object Art” inspired by the handling and analysis of their objects, with follow up questions and discussions.

Field trip educational experiences held at UB Anderson Gallery will include guided sessions for students to handle, analyze, and draw original objects selected from the Cravens Collection. Students will participate in a “Search and Discover” activity using their own set of Cravens Cards and will be directed to select one object per category of their choosing, and will base their selections on aesthetic preferences and a function of the object that they are interested in learning more about.

Grade level: K-12

Type of Program: In school residency, Field trip

Program Session Minimum: 6 sessions (two in-classroom pre-field trip sessions; two gallery-based field trip sessions; two in-classroom post field trip sessions.

Program Session Maximum: 8 sessions (three in-classroom pre-field trip sessions; two gallery-based field trip sessions; three in-class post-field trip sessions.

Pricing varies per residency. Please call the APL office for details, (716) 881-0917.