Bring a BPO musician into your classroom and invite your students on a journey to the intersection of imagination, literature and classical music.


Theodore Roosevelt remains one of America‚Äôs best-known and most recognizable presidents, but how much do you really know about him? This program for grades k-2 introduces students to TR at a lower-elementary relatable level as the inspiration for that standard of childhood, the Teddy Bear.Participatory storytime tells the tale of how an actual event showed… Read more »

Shea’s Reader’s Theatre program is a great way to help boost fluency and comprehension in your readers. Through collaboration with the Teaching Artist and Classroom Teacher, this one-week residency will introduce students in grades 3-7 to the art of Reader’s Theatre. Throughout the week students will learn about pronunciation, projection, character and stage presence, while… Read more »


In this workshop students will gain the necessary tools for thinking critically about media messages. They will view and engage in a guided discussion about a series of short videos and clips in order


This program will focus on the basic elements of theatre and understanding Shakespeare’ s text within the context of history. This program will be in a
Customizable format allowing schools to use th


This program will focus on the basic elements of theatre and understanding Shakespeare’ s text using the Staircase of Complexity. We will delve into the historical and cultural context in which Willia


Any two of the following three activities may be combined to offer students an introduction to the Book Arts in a two-hour workshop: Letterpress Printing: Students will learn the basics of