Arts Partners for Learning (APL) currently works with 25 community partners who offer about 50 educational programs to Western New York schools in 8 counties. View current program offerings by clicking on a program partner below.

APL Cultural Partners

Note that some programs take place at a designated time of the year, or around a featured exhibit or performance and may not be available throughout the year. In some cases, final costs will be determined upon school request.

SCHOOL PROGRAM APPLICATION: APL offers programs to schools throughout the eight counties of Western New York at a low cost during the school year. The APL School Application 2018-19 is now available for WNY schools to apply for creative learning programs that can take place between September – June during the academic school year.

If you are interested in accessing one these APL programs (and you are not submitting a School Program Application), please call (716) 881-0917 or send an email to