The Latin American Cultural Association (non-profit 501c3) creates understanding and appreciation of Latin American culture and encourages knowledge of present day conditions, thereby forging bonds of solidarity among all peoples of both hemispheres. The Latin American Cultural Association builds community through arts, education and cultural programming, through our Cultural Extension Programs for students and teachers, and using the arts as a vehicle to create cross-cultural understanding. LACA makes the rich cultural heritage of the Americas accessible to the Western New York Community through our Fair Trade store (El Buen Amigo) and our unique cultural programming. It helps to preserve the arts and crafts of the Maya, the Inca, and other
indigenous communities that wish to maintain their traditional ways, artistic integrity, and vocational independence. All the profit from these sales go back to sustain these art crafters and the unique heritage of their craft.

We feel in giving as much as we can to the children who are our future of tomorrow, adults and the community as well we are helping to reduce a percentage of ignorance, prejudice and discrimination due to lack of understanding.

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Cultural Extension Program

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This program is designed to create awareness of Latin American culture and crafts, fair trade, tolerance and understanding, and related social justice issues. The following activities are available. Program can be customized based upon curriculum needs.

Program Components

The Character Tower - A team-building activity that teaches important values, such as teamwork, patience, humility and tolerance in a fun filled setting. [1.5 hours]

Latin Dance Class - Learn and experience the fun and history of Latin rhythmic dances such as Meringue and Salsa with a qualified dance teacher. [45 minutes]

Jewelry Making - Learn the basics of jewelry design and making, and enjoy the process of creating your own individual pieces of jewelry. This is an opportunity to bring the students' experience of El Buen Amigo home with them. [45 minutes]

Lunch - Enjoy an authentic multi-dish Latin American meal, buffet style.

Discussion of fair trade crafts-discuss why we support artisans in developing nations, including craftspeople in Peru, Chile, Mexico and how it is important that we help sustain them and the preservation of the making of their arts and crafts. [20 minutes]

Tour of El Buen Amigo - Brief history and detailed description of the gallery' s artifacts and the fascinating background of the extraordinary people who create them. [30 minutes]

Program can be customized to suit the needs of the teacher; some components of the program, such as the Character Tower and Jewelry Making can be presented directly in schools.  Additional materials fees may apply depending on selected program components.

Pricing varies per residency. Please call the APL office for details, (716) 881-0917.
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