The mission of the Hull Family Home & Farmstead is to reflect the Hull family’ s occupation from 1810-1825 and to interpret for visitors daily pioneer life during that earliest period of Western New York settlement.

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Early 19th Century Life at the Hull Family Home & Farmstead

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The two-hour field trip for grades four, five and seven, features a first-person tour of the Hull House, a substantial stone dwelling built circa 1810.  The federal-style architecture is highlighted by the 21st century guide, as well as by the first-person interpreters, who take on the characters of Hull Family members.  On each of the four floors of the house, students are encouraged to interact with these individuals as they learn about the family members, furnishings and daily chores.  The family’s farmhand gives a tool demonstration in which students learn about the implements needed to build the house and farm the land.

Three generations of Hulls, beginning with Warren and Polly Hull, who built the house, are described in a family tree presentation.  Here students learn about the occupations of family members, their participation in wars, and their movement westward.  In a visit to the family cemetery, students learn about the tradition of these burial grounds and the symbolism used on tombstones.

This program is a field trip only option. Pricing varies per residency. Please call the APL office for details, (716) 881-0917.
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